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“Online Paid Promotion Solution For Your Business”

EA Tech Digital is the leading social media company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We believe in results. Our SMM experts can induce further quality leads through Paid Promotion Campaign. Paid promotion of content involves paying for any media space or placement. Generally, advertisements or advertorials, are targeted toward your followership segmentation. Paid promotion is a great shot to assess whether your content is working and whether your marketing communication resonates with your followership. It also allows for great scale and reaches for your marketing campaigns.


What are the benefits of paid promotion?

Right followership – The client target option makes the paid promotion more accurate. Paid promotion ensures your content reaches the right followership at the right time by basically making it visible in their newsfeeds. It allows you to target through Geographic position, Age, Gender, Interests, Behaviors, etc.

Maximizes reach- Paid promotion maximizes your reach by boosting your advertisement's impress and getting your content seen by a large group of people to make it worthwhile investing in and creating in the first place.

Brand Visibility- Paid promotion increases your brand cognizance. Organically it might be possible to reach your clients on time. But thanks to paid promotion, you can reach your target group again and again. It makes sure that people who may noway have heard of your brand or business offering before are made aware of it by seeing your content boosted into their newsfeeds.

Facebook Paid Promotions

Facebook advertising appears in three spaces:

1. Social newsfeed-- Within the social newsfeeds of consumers who are browsing their buddies and family's posts, Facebook offers an occasion for brands to insert their messages amongst that newsfeed content. This is more engaging currently.

Facebook Display-- Facebook display advertising largely appears on the right-hand side of Facebook.

Facebook Network-- Facebook has access to a network of affiliate brands, media publishers, and mobile apps. Advertisements that appear here are outside of Facebook but are displayed through Facebook's ad-buying process.

With Facebook advertising formats, you must be mapping each of your ad placements to an ad ideal. This will help you achieve the best reach, relevance, and engagement for your piece of content. Follow the guidelines specific to each advertisement format to secure successful placement of your Facebook or indeed Instagram advertisement through the Facebook platform.


Twitter Paid Promotions

As of the alternate quarter of 2021, Twitter had 206 million monetizable day-to-day active users worldwide. Twitter has also started to prioritize content serving rested on audience insights. Sponsored content will push content ahead of this algorithm. Just like Facebook, the formats are designed to align with a business ideal. Formats include

Promoted 280 characters.

These are purely text-based. Where possible, include links,@ mentions of other users, and hashtags for your campaign.

Summary cards.

Summary cards preview website content with a short description and an image. They also use a call-to-action button.

Image cards.

Image cards allow for a single image or an image gallery, depending on what your content objective is.

Player cards.

Player cards allow for audio, videotape, and live-streaming content formats.

Product cards.

Product cards showcase a product and key details, with a shortened link to convert your followership more effectively.

Lead-generation cards.

Lead-generation cards are great tools for capturing user details directly within a tweet.

Mobile-app cards.

Mobile-app cards show an app summary and a download call-to-action button. These can be tailored for iOS or Android phones.

Instagram Paid Promotions

Right now, the country with the largest addressable Instagram advertisement followership size is India 180 million, followed by the United States (170 million) and Brazil (110 million).

Always make sure to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts before running any Instagram advertising.

Some formal objects for Instagram advertising include app download, videotape views, or click to the website.

Instagram also benefits from really important targeting tools worked into Facebook's ad director, to make sure you are targeting effectively.


LinkedIn Paid Promotions

Linked In primarily offers two advertising formats for content marketing. These are textbook advertisements and sponsored updates. Both are available through the LinkedIn self-service advertising platform. LinkedIn also operates an algorithmic newsfeed like Facebook, which means publishers need to leverage their updates with sponsored payment to achieve greater reach and engagement with their audiences.


Text advertisements. These are display advertisements that run alongside profile pages. These can incorporate an image and a line of text. Generally, they should always include a call to action.

Sponsored updates. Sponsored updates are pieces of content like articles or posts from an individual or a business, which can be sponsored and pushed into further users newsfeeds. These are veritably analogous to Facebook promoted posts. The newsfeed that LinkedIn uses is called Pulse..

Google and YouTube Paid Promotions

Google-owned YouTube has many advertising formats available to social media marketers. These will help your video content achieve further views. Some of these formats include

Some YouTube formats available to content marketers include:

In- Search. In- search highlights your videotape in the YouTube search terms. This makes your video stand out ahead of all your rivals.

In-Display. In-display shows your videotape as a sponsored item in the Suggested Vids panel on the right-hand side.

In-Stream. In-stream ads, also known as pre-rolls, play as a trailer before another video. These can also be incorporated to include a call-to-action overlay footer, which shows during video playback.

In-Slate. In-slate video ads show your video as a suggestion at the end of a video play.

With the auction format, you are competing for ad space with other advertisers, so make sure to set a maximum cost per view or a cost per impression. Try to outbid other advertisers for your content to be seen ahead of theirs. But make sure you keep an eye on your content-marketing budget, so these costs don't spiral out of control.

Some YouTube formats available to content marketers include:

In-Search. In-search highlights your video in the YouTube search terms. This makes your video stand out ahead of all your competitors.

In-Display. In-display shows your video as a sponsored item in the Suggested Videos panel on the right-hand side.

In-Stream. In-stream advertisements, also known aspire-rolls, play as a trailer before another videotape. These can also be incorporated to include a call-to-action overlay footer, which shows during video playback.

In-Slate. In-slate videotape advertisements show your videotape as a suggestion at the end of a video play.


Reddit Paid Promotions

Reddit offers promoted posts and a sponsored link to a thread on the platform. This can be placed moreover on the Reddit home page or within a devoted subreddit. Your budget and impressions/frequency limits will determine how frequently your sponsored thread is viewed. It's veritably important to note that, while this is a paid placement and the nature of Reddit is upvotes and downvotes, your paid placement will remain at the top of the intended page, anyhow of how numerous downvotes it is gets. This is great for adding the visibility of your brand message on one of the Reddit subreddits or the main page.

Price Chart For Paid Promotion

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